Billy Binky Mouse • A pacifier weaning book


Weather they’re called soother, binky, dummy or paci:
Dentists recommend that children stop using pacifiers at the age 2-3 because prolonged pacifier use can lead to problems with growth and alignment of teeth. We all know how hard it can be to break habits.

This book is about a boy called Peter who won’t give up his pacifiers. One day Billy Binky Mouse visits Peter’s house and all the binkies disappear mysteriously. One by one. Of course Peter is upset. He wants his binkies back and the whole family tries to catch the thief. But the clever mouse is nowhere to be found. Let’s see if Peter will trade his last binky voluntarily for a great present from Billy.

Accompanied by lovely illustrations, the story gently prepares children for the day when Billy Binky Mouse will come to their own house. This tried and tested method of pacifier weaning provides for a smooth transition. Detailed instructions for parents are inside this book.


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Billy Binky Mouse

There will be more information on pacifier weaning
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